Zeljko Mitrovic is feeling sick

After spending several days in hospital, Zeljko Mitrovic, the owner of "Dvor Srbija", returned to daily operations. Though doctors advised him to take a month of rest and the end recover from a severe anemia , Mitrovic will continue to perform everyday tasks from his home , and then go to a short recovery in Austria.

Tanya Vojtehovski which is Pink media system's spokesman, said that Zeljko Mitrovic feels good and that he normally works. She was advised that he would still need to take a short break and a couple of days and do not work. It would be good for his health, and then can come back and help with their latest project, the reality show Dvor.

Because of the many obligations it has in many European cities like London, Vienna, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Skopje and Sofia, Mitrovic must a lot to travel. Also, the owner of TV Pink must more than once a year to travel to America to buy the latest Hollywood movies that he want to show us. This is to him very difficult, and this was reflected on his health, which was seriously damaged after several years of business life. For the time he will have to skip many sessions.

Since he opened new television in Slovenia and Macedonia, Zeljko Mitrovic was tired because he worked for three months virtually the whole day. When all of this adds hyperactivity and lack of sleep come to the disastrous results of his blood. The doctors diagnosed that he the businessman was suffering from a rare type of anemia and requires daily treatment.

Cocktails increased infusion him up for the drastic shortage of red blood cells. After three days in hospital, Mitrovic has recovered, but he was advised to go in January for four weeks of active recovery in some of Europe's modern rehabilitation centers best to stop a couple in Italy and Austria said in Dvor Blog.