Don't you think that Farma is the best?

Tonight begins the second season of the most popular TV show "Farma Srbija", a broadcast begins tonight live on TV Pink. In this reality show will participate in sixteen known persons, and they will be totally isolated on the farm, where he will work all village affairs. The main prize is 100,000 euros, while gaining the competitor who gets the most votes and win after three months of this fun project.

Organizers of the show have decided to make the very good show this year and the farmers that will enter the house are good friends Marija Serifovic and Dragan Marinkovic Maca, which are expected to be outspoken and, at the very least, the most interesting tandem.

Maja Govedarica on behalf of TV Pink has revealed parts of the contract that each farmer is supposed to sign: - Each participant has signed his contract, and fees are part of the contract. Therefore, there is no standard agreement for all but the contracts were drawn up separately. This is forbidden to speak to anyone because of penalties.

Under the new competitors productions will be treated exactly the same as the old ones. New farmers will not have any privileges and they will have to start fires, milking cows, taking a bath in a barrel and similar things. Competitors will have to adapt to lifestyle in the countryside 100 years ago. New farmers will still be difficult because it will use the old furniture that have before used by the old heroes of TV show "Farma Blog".

Although this way of life will be VIPs certainly be a big challenge, all the competitors on the other hand make good money in favor of what they gave up all the amenities of luxury living. As we learn, fees for participation are much higher this year, and some farmers have agreed figure that almost can be compared to the prize fund.

Each week, television productions Pink competitors will pay farmers for several thousand euros. The biggest stars have special agreements under which they can earn up to several tens of thousands of euros, which will be biggest prizes in Serbia.